Settling in at La Colombe

Coffee shops are an urban writer’s second home, office or even classroom. Not just any one will do. There are many key elements that come into play. Do they have wifi? Is the wifi free, for how long?  How are the workers? Who else hangs around? Is it too quiet, too loud? What kind of music is playing, if any.  Is their roast worth the price? The bottom line is: Does it fit?

To many writers, such as myself, distance is usually not an issue. The commuted journey can make everything worthwhile.  Whether it’s taking the red line to the pink line, or brown line to the 72 bus down North Ave, once you get there, you mean business.

Today I took a field trip, left the second home and checked in at La Colombe Torrafaction, Home of the Philadelphia roasters. Although, many have probably been served La Colombe’s chef collaborated blends, most Chicagoans are still unaware of La Colombe’s existence.

Chicagoans are used to having their Intelligentsia, Metropolis, La Vazza, etc.

Head into GT Fish & Oyster, The Bristol or Next and order your espresso. You’ll expect one of the aforementioned roasts to be dripped into your cup.  Guess again.  These beans have all been specifically roasted to meet the unique needs of the chefs and La Colombe ‘s roasting company.  A special Thai blend is even in the works for Next’s upcoming series.

Most beans in this coffee shop are roasted at their headquarters in Philly, suiting their gorgeous in house roaster (shown above) for the right occasions.

La Colombe’s West Loop Chicago coffee shop is only a week old, but is already stocked with a friendly crew who can pour a solid cup.  Pastries are coming in from Wicker Park’s Alliance Bakery and Wifi should be available soon.  Expected patrons would include professionals, restaurateurs and coffee enthusiasts.  Boldly giving Starbuck’s across the street a run for its money, grab your bag of La Colombe’ s Philadelphia roasted beans or sit down and see if this is a fit for you.



La Colombe Torrefaction

955 W Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60607
M-F 7-7pm Sa-S 8-7pm


About Gregory Laketek
A certified Chef and Gourmand.

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